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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Assembler mania

I've written an assembler for my NES virtual machine. It's very crude (had to be since I can't afford to spend weeks on it), but it's sufficient for the time being. Ideally, I should write a compiler above it, but that's a bit of an undertaking, so it's not too high on the priority list right now. It's also a good exercise to code in assembler first so I can better see the requirements and implementation strategies of the compiler.

I've also released yet a new version of my assembler/linker suite. Bugs are still steadily trickling to the surface as I work on the Neotoxin code (it makes for good test input now -- 70 units, 11,000 lines of code), and every time I release a new version I swear "no more... there can't be any more now, can there?". THIS time, of course, it's true.

Next week I begin working on my master thesis, so NES development is likely to be somewhat subdued. Rest assured that Neotoxin will still be worked on steadily, though.


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