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Saturday, December 18, 2004


The cyclic pattern "write NES code - find assembler/linker limitation(s) - work on assembler/linker - write NES code - ..." reared its ugly head again. While the immediate outward effect is the halt of Neotoxin progress, in a longer perspective, it's certainly for the best. I've released a new version of my assembler/linker suite every three days since December 6. Each version has had significant new features and improvements, and looking back at version 1.0.2 three weeks ago, it's amazing how far it has progressed.

The new version, 1.4.0, is a real milestone, because it introduces constructs that enable the assembly code to communicate data mapping constraints to the linker. The lack of such functionality in earlier versions has been been a source of uneasy thoughts in the back of my head for the longest time, and I knew these limitations would strike me down sooner or later. Well, the time came, and thankfully, it could be dealt with.

With those challenges conquered, I'm ready to go back to NES coding full force. Unless something really, REALLY unforeseen happens (yeah right.. what're the odds of that?), the development won't suffer any long (as in several days) breaks from now on.

Well, I best get on with it.


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