NeoToxin development

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Some progress.

I'm currently extending my 6502 assembler to support some useful stuff, mainly C-like structures, unions and enumerations. I'm sure you're all pleased to hear that this mundane work is almost done now, and a new version will be released shortly. More importantly, this will allow me to proceed to another mundane task: Porting the Neotoxin code base to my assembler, and structuring all the code. This step is quite crucial to ensure Neotoxin's future development, since the code has slowly gotten out of hand over the years. Entropy reduction is duly in order.

Once this is done, I will release the full Neotoxin source code. Then, work will commence on a brand new level editor. In parallel, the Neotoxin game engine will be tweaked and extended to support all major design elements.

My final exam this semester is on Saturday. Once that day has come and gone, development and updates should pick up quite a bit.


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