NeoToxin development

Monday, December 13, 2004

The porting continues.

In the last week, I've released a new version of the assembler, and have started porting my NES code to a more structured, less error-prone form. I'm constantly finding new features that would enhance the assembler, which means the porting and assembler development processes interleave eachother.

Even though it's a time-consuming process, I'm glad to see that the time I've put into the assembler is finally showing its worth. In fact, instead of directly porting my old code, I've started using the assembler's powerful constructs to write new and improved code. Besides, much of the Neotoxin code is old and could use some rethinking. For example, today I wrote a game object allocator/deallocator that runs in O(1) time, which will be a welcome replacement for the old O(N) implementation.

Stay tuned for the exciting sequel to this update, tentatively titled "The porting continues, part II: SnowBro goes mad".


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